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Located in The Stour Valley, the Rix family have been farming for three generations and growing onions since 1968, establishing Stourgarden Ltd in 1995. Sam Rix approached B-hive Innovations in 2019 to undertake a commercial R&D project to determine suitability of the HarvestEye system for onion crops. This led to a three phase R&D project resulting in successful commercial product for onion crops in early 2020.

Stourgarden Ltd purchased two HarvestEye systems, these were installed and commissioned by HarvestEye’s UK distributor GRIMME. Working through the season from middle of July to end of September the two systems sized and counted the entire onion crop. They provided data on 12 varieties (including browns, pinks and reds) across 28 fields and detecting over 24 million onions.

“HarvestEye has given us detailed understanding of sizing of our whole harvested crop enabling us to have data driven conversation with our cust...

Sam Rix

Technical Director