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Insight benefits

HarvestEye™ is a unique system that provides live information on root crops as the crop is harvested. The technology gives valuable information on the whole field instead of conventional sampling.




Provides unprecedented levels of insight with a suite of valuable reports. Understanding the precise size, weight, and count profile means you can market your crops more profitably.



Effectively sample crops from the whole field at harvest. Crop variability can be mapped across precise field locations, providing field performance data.

Sustainable Growth


Shows you the bigger picture, allowing data driven decisions, helping with sustainability and better profitability.


Fitted to harvesting or grading equipment, HarvestEye™ is a cost-effective method to deliver performance data on the size, count, and weight. Mapping variability of root crops.

Working with HarvestEye™ technology ensures that growers get the best overview of their root crop, helping them make informed decisions – without the need for manual sampling.

Feature 1

Crop sizing and counting

The portal’s dynamic histograms allow users to review the size distribution of harvested crop by count or percentage, differentiating crop from stones and clods that could previously cause errors.

Feature 2

Crop variation and proportion

Live information gathered during harvest shows the in field variation and can highlight areas to be improved in future. 

Feature 3

Crop mapping

HarvestEye’s integrated camera technology and sophisticated computer algorithms map the entire field, giving full visibility to growers. Seed producers can also use this infomation to analyse the results of trials such as seed spacing.

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Working with HarvestEye™ is a simple process for growers and producers alike.



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Talk with our expert team to identify the right hardware for you, and make use of one of our flexible purchasing options.


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Install to harvester or grader

Our talented team of engineers will install the hardware and ensure it is optimised for your crop – normally on the picking-off table or elevator.


Start harvesting and see your insights

With the camera shroud mounted on the Harvester or Grader, the tablet relays the relevant data to an easy-to-read daily report or easy-to-access portal.

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“I see innovation and the role of new technology being very important for our industry, so it has been really exciting for our business to be in…”

Tom Stevenson

Potato Grower, Essex

“Great opportunity to trial this new technology – its been very worthwhile”

Matt Lyle

Potato Grower, Scotland

“HarvestEye has given us detailed understanding of sizing of our whole harvested crop enabling us to have data driven conversation with our customers”

Sam Rix

Technical Director