Insight. Efficiency. Sustainability.

Innovative vision technology that sees root crops as they are harvested; measuring size, count and variation.

This innovative new system simply fits to existing harvesting equipment providing live information as the crop is lifted.

HarvestEye™ is a unique system that provides insights on root crops during harvest. This is a patented, innovative technology giving valuable information on the performance of the whole field instead of conventional sampling.

Harvest Eye Infographic image

Accurate insight for better results

Provides unprecedented levels of insight with a suite of valuable reports. Understanding the precise size profile means you can market your crops more profitably.

Enabling precise, efficient agronomy

Effectively samples the crop from the whole field at harvest. Crop variability can be mapped across precise field locations, providing targeted agronomic performance data.

Informing long-term sustainable growth

Shows you the big picture to underpin better forward planning. Supports complex decision making by cross-referencing detailed data sets.

Key features

Integrated camera technology with sophisticated computer algorithms

Can be retrofitted to existing harvester systems

Live information during harvest as the crop is lifted from the field

No requirement for additional processes i.e washing

Starting technology for exciting future developments